Hi. I'm Clare Kelley.

I am a guide. As a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide, I hold open the doors for nature to offer its healing benefits.

I’ve always loved connecting to nature. As a kid, I got dirty in my backyard and spent countless hours wandering over the moors and bogs in western Ireland. Nature was a place that was easy to find. As I got older, like so many people, nature became a place to get out to, and there had to be special activities attached to make it worthwhile, like rock climbing, or a strenuous hike, or learning all the natural history of the region. I lost the simplicity of the connection.

I came back to the simple joys of nature almost intuitively: I became gravely ill and lost the ability to interact with nature in any way except the most simple. I sat under a tulip tree in Dumbarton Oaks and let nature take care of me. I felt the sturdiness of being held, the chatter of birds as life went on, and how good it felt to breathe in the fresh air. I didn’t need to be told this was good medicine; I could feel it.  As I felt my health returning, I knew this was where I wanted to take my career as a health practitioner. I became DC’s second certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide in 2017 and founded DC Forest Bathing.

Connecting to nature and bringing humans to connect to nature has exposed a completely different side of DC. We live in a humid, semi-tropical climate with an astonishing abundance of nature! A tribe of people who love nature, want simple connection, and want to experience the District as a place that can heal. I invite you to join us and experience it for yourself!

Send me a note and let's be in touch.