You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.
— Alan Watts

Kinds of Walks

Group Forest Bathing Walks

On a public walk, you’ll experience how nature is built deeply into the cultural fabric of DC. Your guide will invite you to discover the wild green spaces in the heart of our city. Set aside the peculiar stresses of living in the nation’s capital. Through a series of invitations, you’ll have the chance to experience a slower pace, enlivened senses, and the gifts of the more-than-human world. Every walk ends with a tea ceremony from foraged plants. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and connected to beautiful natural urban wilderness.

Private Forest Therapy

Reconnect with your nature and your place in the world. You belong. Working together, we allow the sensory connection to nature and a gentle self-inquiry reconnect you to a sense of feeling whole and feeling a sense of deep belonging. Whether you simply want to slow down or unwind or you’re looking for relief from a specific ailment, the forest has strong and kind medicine. Stress, anxiety, depression, attention deficit, metabolic issues, chronic pain, and trauma all ask us to come into a kinder, and wiser relationship with ourselves and the world that supports us. Connect with us to set up a consultation and learn more whether one-on-one forest therapy is a fit for you.

Forest Bathing for Your Organization

We work with organizations and groups to tailor an experience for your group. The nature of forest therapy allows a place for teams to come together and share without judgment or analysis. This simple act of witnessing combined with the sensory awakening the forest provides can build cohesion and repair culture. Through forest therapy, your group can find a sense of deep belonging, all while receiving the stress-relieving healing benefits of the forest. We lead walks for all kinds of organizations, including medical schools and physician groups, environmental organizations, government agencies, school field trips, and birthday parties for nature lovers of all ages. Connect with us to learn more about rates and locations. And yes, we can bring forest bathing to your workplace or organization!