“It’s meditation in the forest, which is easier than meditation.”

Go forest bathing with Clare! Go with an open mind and you will be humbled and awed.

I feel calmer and happier. Sitting near the waterfall and hearing the sound of water soothed me. I liked listening to what others think. This helped me become more welcoming with everyone.

I feel more fulfilled, calm, and with a notion that what I have and who I am is enough. I feel a sense of interconnection between all beings. Go. Connection with nature is key in a city that doesn’t stop like DC.

A forest walk with Clare is the perfect way to take time for yourself, with full freedom and no judgment. I feel satisfied and grounded.

I feel MUCH better! I have a sense of calm, breathing naturally, the ability to observe, and feeling connected.

Just go. Be open-minded, and give yourself permission to stand in your own truth. The earth and the trees give you that permission. It’s all ok and peaceful in the end. I feel more relaxed and more open. Lots of fences were up when I realized how interactive it was, but Clare’s invitations made me feel more at ease and I didn’t feel any pressure.

I got to hug a tree for the first time! Literally! In case you ever wanted to hug a tree but thought that was too weird, GO!

This experience is a great way to connect with yourself and nature in a structured yet unstructured way. There are no expectations and no stress.